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Murchison Ellephant Repellent Installation In Panijhora II Forest Village


The Coexistence Project has carried out a pilot exercise of installation of elephant repellent around a crop field (Maize Field) in Panijhora II village, just adjacent to the Champramari Wildlife Sanctuary.

The preparation of the repellent was carried out a month before the installation as the solution requires 20 to 30 days of fermentation in a cool and dry space.

The required amount of repellent solution depends on the perimeter of the field that needs to be protected from elephant raids.

Organic items like ginger, neem, chilli powder, oil, etc are used in the preparation of the stock solution.

The preparation and installation of the repellent has been demonstrated by the Coexistence Project team members and this exercise will be explained in detail to the interested villagers. It is too early to claim the success of the prepared repellent but as per the Panijhora people, the elephants visited the area a considerable amount of times and the animal also came during the crop ripened season. But the farmer whose crop field was used for the purpose explained that after the installation of this solution, not a single elephant tried to infiltrate his crop field.

For the preparation and installation of Murchison’s elephant repellent, we need the consent of the villagers whose crop fields face elephant raids. For this exercise, we don’t require any permission from the forest department.

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